Dolo Adoptions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on the adoption process.

Adoption is a way of providing security, permanency and the love of family for a child who cannot be raised by his/her birth parents or within the birth family or has none. After adoption, all rights and responsibilities are transferred from the original parents to the adoptive parents. The child assumes the surname of the new parents, receives an adoption certificate to replace their birth certificate, and becomes a permanent and full member of the new family.

What are the requirements for child adoptions in Nigeria?

  1. Completed Consultation Form
  2. 4-passport photographs for each parent 
  3. Marriage certificate 
  4. Birth certificate for each parent
  5. Medical certificate of fitness for each parent 
  6. Employment letter (if employed)
  7. CAC certificate & CTCs (if self-employed)
  8. Light bill/Water bill or any other proof of current adress
  9. ID card (photocopy) (if employed)
  10. Statement of account (6-months) each parent
  11. Surety name, ID & Passport photograph
  12. Certificates of origin (both parents)
  13. ”To whom it may concern” letter of employer
  14. Recent pay-slips
  15. Police report of good conduct (each parent)

Do we manufacture or produce children?

NO WE DO NOT, We apply on your behalf to the Social Welfare unit of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Development, this takes the weight off your shoulders and allows you focus on creating a habitable environment to welcome the child (if approved). 

How long does the adoption process take?

Depending on a variety of factors known to slow the process but a general range of 3months- 26months. 3months being the shortest possible timeframe for process completion, and 26months being the longest time.
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